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PANTHA DU PRINCE | 28 Sep 2023

Dublin (Ireland), Goethe-Institut Irland
Additional Info:
The Goethe-Institut Irland is delighted, at short notice, to be able to welcome Pantha du Prince, one of Germany's most revered electronic producers, artists and composers to 37 Merrion Square, this September.

Pantha du Prince aka Hendrik Weber has carved out a unique niche in the global electronic scene. His art dives deep into the nuances of sound, creating pieces that transcend music to become experiences. His mesmerising performance with The Bell Laboratory in Ireland’s National Concert Hall in 2014 is still fresh in the minds of many who attended, and those who heard about its magic.

In this special lecture and performance, Weber will take us on an introspective journey, exploring the idea of sound as a transformative substance. How does sound shape our inner emotions, our connections, and our very existence? Can the simple act of listening unravel deeper truths about our intricate relationship with our environment?

Join us on Thursday 28 September to experience Pantha du Prince’s experimental sound poems! Learn more about his work and engage with the maestro himself as part of the Q&A.